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At Serenidad Counseling LLC we use a variety of different approaches depending on patient need. Our preferred methods are: Psychodynamic, Interpersonal and Humanistic.

Psychodynamic Counseling- Rooted in Freudian theory, this type of counseling involves building strong therapist–client alliances.The goal is to aid clients in developing the psychological tools needed to deal with complicated feelings and situations. 

Interpersonal Counseling- Is diagnosis focused, in this sense, any fault or self-blame is diminished for the client. The role of interpersonal relationships and attachment on mental health outcomes is also an important target for this type of counseling. It is a time-limited approach during which clients learn that their psychological issues are linked to environmental stressors. Interpersonal counselors are supportive and compassionate, serving as client allies.

Humanistic/Client Centered Counseling- Based on the assumption that individuals already possess the qualities needed to flourish. This approach encourages curiosity, intuition, creativity, humility, empathy, and altruism.

Client-Centered Therapy promotes a safe climate in which the therapist is empathetic and nonjudgmental. In this way, the client experiences a sense of acceptance, openness, and unconditional positive regard. 

Our ultimate goal is to be an ally and support on your path to healing. 

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