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Emotional Support Animal Assessments

At Serenidad Counseling LLC, we offer Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) to eligible clients seeking additional support for their emotional and mental well-being. ESAs, such as dogs or cats, provide comfort and companionship to individuals facing conditions like anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Our team facilitates the ESA evaluation process, provides necessary documentation, and offers ongoing support to integrate an ESA into our clients' lives, harnessing the therapeutic power of the human-animal bond. It is as easy as 1. 2.. 3...

Contact Us

To start your assessment Emotional Support Animal (ESA) with Serenidad Counseling LLC, just give us a call. Our team will help schedule your appointment and guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless integration of your ESA into your therapeutic journey. Call us today to begin enhancing your emotional well-being with Serenidad Counseling LLC and your ESA.


Meet with a Therapist

After you have completed the intake forms, the next step at Serenidad Counseling LLC is to schedule a one on one session with one of our therapists for a thorough assessment. Together, we'll determine if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Our goal is to provide quality personalized care and explore how an ESA can enhance your mental health. 


Get your ESA

After you meet with a licensed mental health professional, they'll let you know whether they feel you would benefit from an ESA or not. If they think an ESA is essential to your care and well-being, they will write and sign an official emotional support animal letter. This letter will likely be sent to the email you provided.

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